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Baby Bling Bows

What can we say about the best-selling headband of all time?! The design of the KNOT appeals to everyone because of its simplicity. It is so easy to dress up or keep casual. It can survive the bottom of a diaper bag like not many other pretty things can. Available in a wide variety of colors, you can never have too many! The KNOT is ONE SIZE FITS ALL, it can fit a newborn baby all the way up to an adult! Our headbands are so soft and stretchy they are designed to grow with your rapidly growing babe.

Baby Girl Swim Collection

 a unique collection of UPF50+ sun protection for infants, toddlers, and kids . Designed with a let’s play dress up angle for the little ones mixed with trending prints that mom can’t get enough of. Today’s modern mom knows the harmful effects of UVA/UVB rays! Whether at the beach, the pool, or the club, we’ve got you covered!

Baby Signs

Let's face it, babies are darn cute and irresistible! It is stressful for new mom's when everyone wants to touch your little one. These signs are a great way to politely ask others to admire your precious baby from a distance and not touch them.   They can be used on your baby's car seat, stroller, crib, or baby carrier! This includes a velcro strip that allows you to secure the tag tightly in place wherever you would like it! Basically anywhere your little one will rest. This saying is printed on the FRONT & BACK of each tag. They are printed directly on plastic for rigidity and for easy cleaning. Simply wipe clean with your anti-bacteria wipes. Not recommended to be submerged in water.

Backpacks & Lunch Boxes

PLEASE CHECK IF ITEM SHOWS IN STOCK OR NOT   **** At this time Jon Hart delivery schedule is a little slower then normal - we are seeing 4-6+ weeks for delivery - if items are in stock we can have them stamped and ready to go in 48 hours (this is only for instock merchandise)   Delivery schedules should improve in the next few weeks)   Check inventory amounts when placing your order - you can call the  store to verify stock - 830-660-3256  Please feel free to call the store if you are needing something immediately    Don't forget we have gift cards as well 

Blabla Dolls

IRRESISTIBLY CUDDLY Our dolls are made from a high quality cotton which makes them incredibly soft and huggable MADE by HAND They are knitted patiently by very skilled artisans, one stitch at a time, one day at a time, each one is unique. NATURAL Our products are respectful to the environment, they are made by hand from 100% natural fibers. FAIR Fairtrade and sustainability have always been our philosophy. We’ve been working with the same artisans for fifteen years. We’ve watched their families grow and bloom. SAFE Each of our dolls has been tested to meet the United States and European safety requirements. Our yarn has been additionally certified to be safe and non-toxic.

Capri Blue Candles

This fragrance does not need much of an introduction. If you’re #candleobsessed, you probably have a Volcano candle in your house (or 10), or you have gifted one to your BFF (or anyone you care about, because duh – best gift ever!). If you haven’t, jump on the wagon already! We promise you won’t regret it. This cult favorite has a way of putting you in the best mood. With notes of sugared citrus, it transports you to the happiest of days and gives you that boost of confidence you need to #slayallday. What is the scent of the Volcano candle? With notes of tropical fruits & sugared citrus, the Volcano scent is familiar and inviting, fresh and powerful! It has universal approval - we often hear that both women and men LOVE it.