Makeup Junkie Bags

Choose the perfect size for you in any of our darling prints! These are perfect as an emergency kit bag to keep in the car, perfect for diapers and wipes to carry alone or toss in your diaper bag! Sometimes mommas need a little less to lug around and this is the ultimate way to do organize and compact the essentials for baby and momma! And your toddlers can even get a mini to match mom! The inside is waterproof which makes it the perfect wet bag too! The bag even has a lifetime guarantee on top of all that! Easy to toss in your purse and and totally chic! You can store so many things with these amazing bags, we pack with them for every single vacation or business trip. If there is a leak, we wipe it down and our clothes are protected. You can use bags for baby meds, mom's meds, mom's makeup, shampoo & conditioner, etc. The possibilities truly are limitless! Mini 7" Small 9" Medium 12" Large 14"
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