My Smart Beat - RaineHills
My Smart Beat - RaineHills
My Smart Beat - RaineHills
My Smart Beat - RaineHills
My Smart Beat - RaineHills
My Smart Beat - RaineHills
My Smart Beat - RaineHills

My Smart Beat

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With Smart Beat, all you have to do is:

1. Put your baby in the crib.

2. See the HD video feed with real-time breathing status and alerts.

Smart Beat tracks your baby's breathing, sending HD video and real-time breathing status to your smart phone or tablet.

Know Your Baby is Alright

Smart Beat is so precise that you can see the depth and duration of each individual breath. You can sleep worry-free knowing that Smart Beat will alert you if:

  • Breathing rate is too high
  • Breathing rate is too low
  • Breathing stops

Wearable-Free = Hassle-Free

Smart Beat analyzes by sight with no electronics in the crib or on your baby, as outlined by the safe sleep guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Just put baby in the crib and Smart Beat begins monitoring. It's that easy.

The Right Security Settings

Choose the security level that's right for your family:

  • Remote Access: Stay connected from work or date night with remote viewing, smart notifications, two-way audio and pan/tilt.
  • Lock Down: Removes your Smart Beat's data from the world-wide web so only people physically in your home can access it.


  • Live video and audio streaming
  • Real-time breathing chart
  • Breaths-per-minute chart
  • Out-of-app sound streaming
  • Motion detection
  • Remote viewing
  • Pan, tilt & zoom control
  • Night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Nightstand mode
  • Image capture


  • Ultra HD image
  • 355-degree panoramic view
  • Infrared night vision
  • Speaker and microphone


  • 3" x 3" x 1" mini computer
  • Connects to home's WiFi router


  • Camera
  • Mounting kit
  • Base station
  • Power cords
  • Network cable


motion + breath detection

Smart Beat captures, analyzes and documents each breath


streaming video

HD video streams straight to your smartphone or tablet


pan + tilt

See the entire room


night vision

Crisp views even in the dark

two-way audio

Listen in and reassure without the disruption of walking into the room


data encryption

Complete data encryption protects your privacy


breathing rate chart

Know that baby's breathing is at healthy levels


breathing chart

See every individual inhale and exhale as it happens

nightstand mode

Battery-saving app view you can see even without glasses on


digital zoom

Get a closer look from within the app


iOS + android

Native apps for your phone and tablet


remote viewing

Check in from work or date night

smart beat is the

safest, easiest, most secure

way to know your baby is breathing